Buddy is a curious dog who has a tendency to become a little over zealous. This morning while Buddy was out in the yard he encountered a skunk. Curious Buddy kept checking out the intruder until he was sprayed. Well my son happened to be there when the dog got let into the house. Needless to say the dog rubbed against him a bit when he came into the house.
Later in the morning my son and I had an appointment where we both needed to go. Well we proceeded to our appointment as planned because we could not be late. When we got there the ladies at the front desk were talking about a smell like burnt rubber. I figured that the smell was there before we walked in. So, we did not say anything because we really needed this appointment to work in our favor.
Long story short, eventually the fire department was called and everybody got evacuated while they checked the building. When we were let back into the building the fire fighters tell my son that he needs to wait outside.
My son proceeds to tell them the story about the dog, but they assume the worst. Eventually our appointment is finished and I head to the car.
When I reach the vehicle I ask my son what was going on. He tells me that the firemen thought that he had gone to the rest room and gotten high.
The reality of this story is that the dog Buddy was in the bath tub at my friend’s house so that we could not use the rest room while we were there. So as soon as we got to our appointment we both headed to the rest room. The smell must have gotten to the ladies at the front desk as soon as my son walked in the door. Seriously, I do not understand why everyone in our society has to assume the worst.